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Diet and Nutrition Apps

My Food - Nutrition Facts by Pomegranate Software

Pros: Colorful and well-organized. Gives a lot of information about each food, and has nearly every whole food you can think of. Allows you to change serving sizes. Allows for searching by food name, by individual nutrient, and by categories.

Cons: Inexpensive, but you have to pay for each feature. For instance, you must pay to search by content of an individual nutrient, and then pay to search by categories, etc. Choice of serving sizes is limited.


The Snack App by Everyday Health

Pros: Allows you to pick a calorie level, i.e. 50 calorie snacks, 100 calorie snacks, etc. Allows you to choose a kind of snack, i.e. salty, sweet, quick, “sinful”, healthy. Gives some nutrition information when you select a snack to view.

ALSO - Gives you exercises you can do to burn off the calories in your snacks, which you can either use for intended purpose, or you can look at it to decide whether the snack is really worth it.

Cons: Does not give extensive nutrition info. Contains ads.


Pros: Very extensive catalog of foods, both whole foods and packaged/processed foods. Gives each food a rating. Colorful, contains pictures. Offers alternatives with higher ratings. Allows you to look for and save favorites. With a camera, you can scan barcodes to search while shopping. Gives both bad and good points about the individual foods. Can search by category, scanning barcode, or entering barcode numbers.

Cons: No explanation as to how they formulate their ratings. Must have internet connection with an iPod Touch. Does not give nutrition info beyond calories per serving. Contains ads.

In the middle of the above screen is listed the bad and good points. Touching that section would take you to a more detailed explanation of each of those.

Menu Planner by InnovaDev

Pros: Full featured menu-planning set. You can enter your meals by choosing from their list of foods, or by choosing a recipe. For recipes, you may enter your own, or you may download recipes from an extensive list of websites (which turns this app into a free super-portable and HUGE recipe book). Once you have entered your meals and the inventory of your pantry, you can generate a shopping list. Also allows you to program in your favorite grocery stores and aisles within the stores.

Cons: Does not track calories or other nutrition info, so that’s something you have to do on your own before entering your meals. Recipes must be downloaded one at a time, and ingredients must be accurate in order to have accurate shopping lists, so it can be time-consuming to set up.

(This one is new for me, so forgive the weird example menu, lol)

If you guys like to know about weight loss apps, I may do another of these posts later :) Let me know!

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